Er. Santosh kumar

(Chairman & Managing director)

Success is a product of dedication, determination, perseverance. In order to succeed, it is equally necessary that one is organized in whatever one does. Disorganized effort, though put in a lot of them, lead to nowhere, so all the effort must be directed properly in an organized and systematic manner. The man who wins is the man who thinks he can. To quote Napoleon Hill “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. My aim not only to provide the basis of skills students will need for adult life and work, but also to instill in children an enjoyment of the subject and an awareness of the power and excitement of the power and excitement it can create. I heartily welcome all of you to step in “GLOBAL CLASSES “for true success. My all blesses lies with you.

H.O- 2nd Floor, Mandal Market Shastrinagar,
Behind J.D Women's College, Bailey Road, Patna
Phone:- 0612-6441175, 9835788894, 9835593719

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Application for admission to the institute should be made on the common application form available at the office of the institute by paying Rs. 500/-.

By law, no class may contain more than 30 students except some special classes or seminars. The governing body setup an admission committee to make all decision about admission.

The parent must deposit the required fee during the admission, in case of installment the installment must be paid before the time otherwise late fine will be charged.