(1) Incomplete form will be rejected.

(2) Three passport size photographs must be attached along with admission form.

(3) All the students enrolled in competition batch will have to provide the photocopy of their admit card as soon as they receive their admit card from the examining body.

(4) Institute reserve the right to use the photograph for publicity in case the student qualifies in appearing examination.

(5) It is to the student himself/herself to see whether he/she is eligible for a certain examination or not.

(6) Admission will be granted on the basis of marks in previous classes.

(7) All the students are necessarily required to take all test and to participate in the quiz ever these are organized. If they fail to appear in the test they must inform the management before the exam otherwise they will be allowed with fine of Rs. 50/-.

(8) There should no excuse for the making themselves absent in classes. In case of absence the student must communicate the centre co-ordinate for their absence even by telephone or bring application written by their parents in next class. Self written application must be signed by parents. In case of hostellers the application must be signed by hostel-in-charge.

(9) GLOBAL CLASSES will not be responsible if a student not attending his/her classes regularly of more than a week. Such student may dismiss from the class finally in that case they claim for refund of the whole or any part of the fee he or she paid to the institute.

(10) GLOBAL CLASSES reserves the right to dismiss the undisciplined miscreant student without any prior notice. There is no refund of deposited amount in that case.

(11) All the students are advised to reach the classes before 10 minutes of class schedule late entry in class room is strictly prohibited.

(12) Student must be cleaned and tidy in their parson and dress. Silence must be observed in the class room.

(13) In case of any dispute arising out to present term & conditions same shall be offered to the sole arbitrator to be appointed by proprietor of GLOBAL CLASSES.

(14) The seat of arbitrator will be at Patna only.

(15) When a student is admit in the institute, the students/parents/guardians will deemed to have gone through and accepted all the rules, regulator and the customs of the institute.

Hence the students/ parents must go through the prospectus carefully before seeking admission to the institute first.

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Application for admission to the institute should be made on the common application form available at the office of the institute by paying Rs. 500/-.

By law, no class may contain more than 30 students except some special classes or seminars. The governing body setup an admission committee to make all decision about admission.

The parent must deposit the required fee during the admission, in case of installment the installment must be paid before the time otherwise late fine will be charged.